The operation of the Kaushik Cesan Asphalt Plant can be controlled continuously through the computer monitor on the operator table manually semi automatically and automatically.

Control system is done by SCADA that works on the Windows operating systems. Main program is very easy to understand and functional. It is used easily with one button clicking. The peripherals information are collected from 3 stations and stored in the computer and processed. It canbe controlled directly or from distance by modem/internet. Plant operations and production report are stored in a database.

Aggregate bitumen temperature, flame amount percentage, damper opening percentage, dosing velocities, mixing time, weighing of bitumen, filler and aggregate, etc. are observed and controlled from the control cabin instantly.

The control cabin of the plant is made of sheet iron and its door can be locked. The field of view for the operator is designed as the operator will be able to see and follow all the plant. The cabin is insulated against heat and cold. An air conditioner with the sufficient capacity is provided inside the control cabin to perform heating and ventilation.

Control Cabin & Automation System
Control Cabin & Automation System