“Our cardinal objective is to serve a wide array of industries with low cost, reliable and high quality machines”
Kaushik & Cesan is a joint venture between Kaushik Engineering Works and Cesan A.S. to serve their global clientele with outstanding engineering, manufacturing and production services.

Kaushik has commenced with its production activities by means of producing and manufacturing Asphalt Plants in the year 2000 and aiming to increase its production capacity together with Cesan fast growing series of demands abroad as well as with in the Country.

Kaushik Cesan is increasing its geographical presence not only in India but also in the overseas markets. At present, its products are exported to South Asian, African and Middle East countries and recently to Europe as well. The company entered into the European market by selling its plant in Poland. Around 50% of its products are sold in export market and it is aggressively promoting the sales of its products in the Latin American and Eastern European markets.

CESAN has commenced with its production activities by means of producing and manufacturing in 1984, aiming to increase its production capacity together with a fast growing series of demands abroad as well as within the country. CESAN has considerably increased its business capacity by way of getting started with the production of asphalt plant facilities within the year and has reached a state of producing asphalt plant facilities using the highest and the most developed technologies according to the world standards.

"By providing customers with quality, delivery, installation, instruction and after-sale services, we are setting high standards and applying advanced technology developing our business,"

About KC Series Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Kaushik Cesan Asphalt batch mix plants are designed for maximum efficiency and minimum operation cost. The plant can reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and improve efficiencies by reducing fuel consumption with its completely self-designed dryer which operates in basic principle heat transfer to the aggregate. For each ton of asphalt a minimum 1 litre of fuel can be saved. Operating cost is low because of low energy needed, optimized fuel consumption, long life of system units and minimized maintenance needs. The operation of the plant can be controlled continuously through the computer monitor on the operator table manually, semi-automatically and automatically. Apart from these, modular structure of the products provides easy erection and replacement in a very short time.

Our Vision

Kaushik Cesan Engineering Factory SanandOur Vision is to be the leading company in road construction machinery domain by improving the successful status gained within the Country and abroad and obtain customer satisfaction as a reliable, a straightforward and as successful company.

Our Goals

  • Becoming a leading global manufacturer in road construction machinery sector.
  • Maintain and develop our brand leading status in the construction machinery market.
  • Prioritize our customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Continuous production development and innovation.
  • Rewarding and highlighting quality.
Asphalt Batch Mix Plant